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Rincon International Realty Investors, LLC provides customers with information about Off-Markets all over United States and Abroad. Our website provides lists of properties that are out there, for sale in the secret, needing serious buyers and investors. Off-Markets are extremely attractive in these days, because it lowers the competition and provide better prices Off Markets are sought out by Brokers, Realtors and Investors. Here, you'll find a great assortment of properties, and there is more we can provide and you don't see. You can find it all, from houses to hotels, stateside or overseas. We update this website every two weeks, which great info

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Expertise. The sale of off-markets is not easy. These properties tend to float around between emails. In addition, buyers are also blind to many of these great opportunities that are available on a daily bases. We provide the great service of just lining these properties up for our buyers and investors in just one place, because Rincon International Realty Investors, LLC refuses to have these gem just float from one email to another. Founded recently in 2016, Rincon International Realty Investors, LLC is a unique off-market investor site, offereing a wide selection of "deals" from Single Family Homes, Multi Family Homes, Businesses, Hotels and more. Feel free to BROWSE!!

About Rincon LLC

Rincon Real Estate LLC are a property consultation and facilitation firm , ready to provide professional real estate services in partnership with Brokers, Buyers, Investors and Owners. Our company has tremendous capabilities of accessing off market properties of all types. Rincon International has no borders to find buyers for properties of all types. As a company, we take pride in the work we do for all our clients.

Amy Ellin became interested in Real Estate Investment when she flipped a home that had been abandoned for a total of 14 years. With the help of her mother and family, this property, once a drug haven, became a true gem, now valued 5 times what it was initially worth, and waking up Ms. Ellin’s interest in repeating her actions. This led her to working as an investor in the flipping business, thereafter in the real estate business overall. After taking extensive Real Estate courses through Allied University; she trained with one of the best investors in the country. Completely equipped, Rincon LLC now has an extensive network that continues to grow each day.

Rincon Realty Investors is dedicated to the owner’s mother, Carmen L. Acevedo who began finding Real Estate opportunities 30 years ago, serving as an inspiration. She also contributed to naming “Rincon .” In her honor and to her name we bless her and this business.


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